Experience NZ Insurance

Property Cover

Our Experience NZ plans give you the flexibility to choose whether or not to insure your valuables that are not covered under the medical travel plan you have selected, at a reasonable additional premium.

Insuring Property under Experience NZ Prime

Our Experience NZ Prime plan gives you a generous amount of AUTOMATIC property cover to the value of NZ$2,500 per item and a maximum total value of NZ$10,000. You only have to specify any item, pairs or sets of items (such as camera equipment) valued at over NZ$2,500. The maximum total value of items you can specify is NZ$30,000. Additional premium at a rate of 2% of the total value specified will be charged.

Insuring Property under Experience NZ Lite

Our Experience NZ Lite does not provide automatic property coverage. However, if you wish to insure your personal belongings under this plan, you can specify the items you want to insure.

Additional Premiums for Specified Items

You can specify the items you want to insure up to a maximum of NZ$10,000 per item and an overall maximum value of NZ$30,000. The items specified will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance. Additional premium at a rate of 2% of the total value specified will be charged. Example: If you had specified a computer at NZ$5,000, the additional premium charged is NZ$100 ($5,000 x 2% = $100).


Living in New Zealand

Living in New Zealand

Whether you have recently arrived as an international student, a nurse who is about to undertake a Competency Assessment Program or as an Essential Work visa holder, we understand the challenge you face. Adjusting to a new way of life in New Zealand can be demanding but rewarding.

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