Experience NZ Insurance

Cover Summary

New Zealand is unique. We understand that like no one else and have tailored the Experience NZ medical travel insurance plans to suit your needs in the New Zealand environment.

Manual Work

Most medical travel insurances do not include manual work cover in their policies. However, our Experience NZ plans to give you the option to choose manual work as part of your base plan for general farming (excluding any activity relating to forestry), building and related trades. (Additional premium applies when choosing to add manual work cover to base plans).  

Medical Care

If you unexpectedly become ill or suffer an accident or injury, you do not have to worry about paying for your medical care. We will pay for your doctor, hospital and daycare treatment costs.

Medical Evacuation

In serious circumstances, as a result of injury or illness, you may need to be returned to your country of origin. At such a stressful time, we will help you by taking care of the costly expenses involved, allowing you to totally focus on what is most important - your recovery.


The Experience NZ Prime plan provides you with a generous amount of cover for your baggage and personal effects. Under our Experience NZ Lite plan, you can select a lower property limit or choose to leave property out of your cover. If you select a lower property limit under the Experience NZ Lite plan, then an additional premium applies. Please refer to our premiums table for the additional premium.

Individual high-valued items

The Experience NZ Prime plan gives you full cover for any items (like cameras or computers) that are valued over NZ$2,500 when you specify these items on the application form. You can also specify items you want to be covered under the Experience NZ Lite plan (additional premiums apply).

Pre-existing medical conditions

You are NOT automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions. However, cover can be arranged in certain circumstances. Assessment cost of $45 per application applies. Should we agree to provide cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, an additional premium over and above your base premium will be charged.

Special medical benefit

There are advantages in continuing unbroken cover with us. Please contact us for more information.