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Pre-existing Medical

If you have an existing medical condition that you are aware of, you will need to apply for pre-existing medical conditions cover as you are NOT automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions. Your pre-existing medical conditions cover can be arranged in certain circumstances.

To apply for pre-existing medical conditions cover, you will need to complete our pre-existing medical conditions form. Upon receipt of your completed form, our medical team will be in touch to assess if we could provide cover for your existing medical condition. You will be charged an additional fee of NZ$45 for the assessment. You will be notified as to the outcome of the assessment.

Should we agree to provide the additional cover, you will be advised of the additional premium you will need to pay. Please note that should we accept your application to include the pre-existing medical conditions as part of your medical travel policy, we will provide cover for acute episodes of your condition only, not for any ongoing maintenance treatment of your condition (maintenance treatment means regular treatment/medication to keep your condition under control).