Seasonal Worker Insurance

Property Cover

Our Seasonal Worker plan does not provide automatic property cover. However, there are two options where you may be able to insure your belongings.

Options 1 -  Specifying Your High-Value Items

You can specify the items you want to insure up to a maximum of NZ$10,000 per item. We will charge an additional premium at the rate of 2% of the total value of the items specified. For instance, if you specify a mobile phone valued at NZ$1000, then the additional premium charged is NZ$20 (NZ$1,000 x 2%).  

If you wish to insure specified property items, simply complete the application form. The items you specify will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance.

Option 2 - General Baggage Cover

Alternatively, there is an option to include general cover on baggage and personal effects if you do not wish to specify individual high-value items. The general cover on baggage and personal effects option provides cover limit of NZ$1,000 per item and NZ$5,000 in total. The additional premium charged under this option is 15% of the premium covering your insurance period.