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Posted by OrbitProtect Team on 9 February 2021

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In our effort to support students with their unexpected medical needs without having to make a claim, we introduced the OrbitPay card. By using the card at our authorised medical providers, International Student policyholders do not need to pay for their doctor visits and prescriptions (terms and cover limitations apply) as these providers have a direct billing agreement with us.

The card is valid for the duration of one’s policy. We are able to help with most (but not all) medical conditions or injuries that develop/occur for the first time that requires conventional doctor treatment during the policy period in NZ. We cannot help with any treatment outside the policy period. If another policy is purchased, a new card can be issued at our discretion. It cannot be used for immigration medicals or other expenses such as laboratory tests and radiology scans. For medical expenses where a policyholder is unable to use the card, these have to be paid at their own cost and claimed from us online through our website:

The OrbitPay card is not available yet to Working Holiday and Experience NZ policyholders but, watch this space for updates!

Here is a reminder of the important information about our Orbitpay card:

  1. Our authorised medical providers are located in various places throughout New Zealand. When you activate your card, the locations of the service providers will be emailed to you.
  2. You must keep Orbitpay card for the duration of your policy. Should you misplace your card or if your card is damaged, we reserve the right to charge you a fee of $10 to re-issue a new card.
  3. If you do not have your card with you or are not able to visit our authorised medical providers, you would need to first pay for your costs and make a claim online through this link:
  4. Whilst our cover is comprehensive, like any other insurance policy there are conditions, limitations and exclusions. As such, there may be times when we need to ask you to refund the costs you incurred that have been directly billed to us which is not covered by your insurance.
  5. At our discretion, we can deactivate the card at any time. We would, of course, advise you of this as soon as possible.
  6. We encourage you to read the policy wording for our terms and conditions. Policy wording is located at

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