Industries to work in while travelling around New Zealand

Posted on 31 July 2014

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Working in New Zealand is not only a good way to fund your travels, but is also a great way to see the country!

Seasonal and short-term employment provides the flexibility you need to explore the country, and helps you earn the money you need to fund the next part of your adventure. 

There are several industries that always prove popular with visitors to New Zealand, including horticulture and viticulture, hospitality, accommodation, retail and construction.

Horticulture and viticulture covers jobs on New Zealand’s numerous orchards, vineyards and farms. The work includes everything from picking and packing to trimming, pruning and planting, with roles available for both males and females. While this can be a labour intensive industry it does allow you to enjoy the fresh air and pristine natural landscape of this beautiful country. Additionally, the geographic location of this type of work means accommodation is often included or arranged for you, making life that little bit easier.

The retail and hospitality sectors offer opportunities for travellers with a wide array of skills and experience. Jobs are relatively easy to come by, particularly in the larger centres, although reasonably strong English will normally be required

The accommodation industry is also popular with travellers, with Backpacker’s and Hostels always on the lookout for friendly, easy-going people to help run their businesses.

Construction is booming in New Zealand at the moment, particularly in Christchurch, where the earthquake rebuild is in full swing. Everyone from general labourers to skilled carpenters are in demand, with temporary and permanent roles available.

Two great resources for those looking for work in New Zealand are and . Both sites feature jobs across a full range of industries and sectors, including short-term and temporary opportunities.

The working holiday visa offers you the opportunity to holiday in New Zealand whilst earning some extra pocket money.

To be eligible for this visa you’ll also need to have medical insurance. Keep in mind that many insurance companies exclude certain jobs from their policies, particularly those involving manual labour. You’ll need to check with your provider to see whether your health cover will remain valid should you choose to work in a construction-related field. To learn more about being employed in New Zealand check out

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