Case Study 1 - Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Lee-Bin Tee发表 日期 12 April 2021

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It was back in September 2019 when we received a call from one of our policyholders, saying he was in the hospital. He needed to know if he was able to make a claim. The doctors could not say how long he needed to be in hospital, making him feel anxious, not knowing if he could afford the cost of treatment or if insurance can cover any, if not all, his medical expenses. We learned later that he had a rare neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

International Student OrbitPay

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 9 February 2021

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In our effort to support students with their unexpected medical needs without having to make a claim, we introduced the OrbitPay card. By using the card at our authorised medical providers, International Student policyholders do not need to pay for their doctor visits and prescriptions (terms and cover limitations apply) as these providers have a direct billing agreement with us.

Working Holiday vs Experience NZ Insurance

OrbitProtect发表 日期 2 October 2020

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With the recent ongoing changes in visas issued by Immigration NZ as a result of COVID-19, it is vital that your insurance continues to be valid. As a non-NZ resident stuck in New Zealand, having travel insurance helps ease the burden of uncertainty during these challenging times.

GP vs After-Hours Clinic vs Hospital

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 14 August 2020

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Good on you for securing yourself with an OrbitProtect policy! What now? How and when do you use it? Where do you go? Do you need approval to see a doctor? Does the doctor need to be affiliated with OrbitProtect? We know it is daunting enough to be in a foreign country, more so if you end up sick or injured in one.

ACC (Accident Compensation Corp) in New Zealand

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 23 July 2020

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We frequently come across queries from our clients with regard to our policy coverage on accident costs in New Zealand . Most commonly asked are coverage for medical costs relating to injury sustained whilst playing sports and injury in their workplace (There are limitations on coverage for workplace injury on our policy. See conditions listed below).

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 7 July 2020

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“Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?” This is a commonly-asked question when we fill out insurance applications. What does it actually mean, you may ask.

What is an Insurance Excess?

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 16 June 2020

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We often get queries about excess from our customers, how excess works and why they need to pay an excess. Below is a short explanation on excess. Hope this helps answer our customers’ queries.

Leave Plenty of Time to Purchase Your Insurance

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 3 June 2020

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Have plenty of time left on your insurance!

Doctor consultations via video online (Telehealth) is now available

OrbitProtect Team发表 日期 23 April 2020

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Online video doctor consultations (Telehealth) are now available. 

Having trouble contacting us via phone?

The Orbit Protect Team发表 日期 24 March 2020

Thank you for visiting OrbitProtect.
We have been experiencing some interruptions to our telephone phone system due to national phone systems being overloaded. We would like to assure you that we continue to work as hard as possible for you during this difficult time.