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Posted by OrbitProtect Team on 23 July 2020

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We frequently come across queries from our clients with regard to our policy coverage on accident costs in New Zealand . Most commonly asked are coverage for medical costs relating to injury sustained whilst playing sports and injury in their workplace (There are limitations on coverage for workplace injury on our policy. See conditions listed below).

New Zealand is a unique country. Besides our beautiful scenery and how we manage to control the spread of Covid-19, we also have a no-fault injury scheme known as ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). Everyone is covered by ACC’s no-fault scheme if they are injured whilst in New Zealand.  This means anyone regardless of their purpose of being in New Zealand. Whether you are here on a visitor’s visa, working holiday visa, student visa or any other type of visa, you are covered under the ACC scheme.

ACC helps with paying for your costs of recovery. This includes payment towards treatment, help at home and work, and help with lost income.  

What do you need to do if you are injured?

You should visit your health provider. This could be your doctor at the medical centre, the after hours surgery or Emergency Department. The medical provider will get you to complete an ACC form and make a claim to ACC on your behalf. If you require specialist treatment, such as physiotherapy, the doctor will refer you accordingly.

For more information about ACC please visit (there are limitations and exceptions to cover) :

How can OrbitProtect help you if you are injured?

ACC contributes to part of your medical costs. The costs that are not covered by ACC can be covered by your OrbitProtect policy (except loss of income). There are some policy terms and conditions you need to adhere to before we can help.

For example:

  • For us to be able to help with physiotherapy, you must be referred by a doctor. 
  • Your work activity needs to one we cover. We automatically cover the following work activities:
      • Retail,
      • Accommodation,
      • Pubs, taverns and bars, cafes, restaurants,
      • Horticulture
  • Loss of income is excluded from our policy. 

We may be able to extend your cover to cover other work activities. Contact us for clarification at . Remember to also check out the relevant policy wording for our terms and conditions.

To submit a claim:

Tips on making a claim:


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