Leave Plenty of Time to Purchase Your Insurance

Publicadas por OrbitProtect Team el 3 June 2020

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Have plenty of time left on your insurance!

Doctor consultations via video online (Telehealth) is now available

Publicadas por OrbitProtect Team el 23 April 2020

Lisa Amin3

Online video doctor consultations (Telehealth) are now available. 

Having trouble contacting us via phone?

Publicadas por The Orbit Protect Team el 24 March 2020

Thank you for visiting OrbitProtect.
We have been experiencing some interruptions to our telephone phone system due to national phone systems being overloaded. We would like to assure you that we continue to work as hard as possible for you during this difficult time.

Getting to know New Zealand

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 17 February 2017


Visiting some of New Zealand’s museums is a great way to find out more about the country’s culture and heritage, and get an insight into why the country is the way it is.

Spend a day in a garden

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 19 January 2017


The warm, lazy days of summer in New Zealand are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. You could head to the beach or to a park, but another nice way to spend a day is to pack a picnic lunch and wander through one of the country’s public gardens.

Preparing for a job interview

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 16 December 2016


If you’re planning to look for work while visiting New Zealand, a key step you’ll take when applying for a job is gaining an interview with potential employers.

Explore film locations in New Zealand

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 21 November 2016

Mt Taranaki

New Zealand is well known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and it’s no surprise that this spectacular natural environment has been used as a backdrop for a number of popular movies.

Getting close to New Zealand’s wildlife

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 27 October 2016


New Zealand is home to some amazing and unique wildlife and plant species, and getting to see these natural wonders up close can be an unforgettable experience.

Getting the most out of a Kiwi summer

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 20 September 2016


Visitors planning to spend summer in New Zealand will find there is no shortage of exciting, fun-filled events around the country that will help fill a long, sunny summer’s day.

Sport in New Zealand

Publicadas por OrbitProtect el 6 September 2016


Getting involved in sport is a great way to make new friends and provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the community you’re living in.

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