Working Holiday policy remains to be exclusively for WHS visa holders

Posted by OrbitProtect el 2 June 2022

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Article Updated: 2nd June 2022

Ever wondered if your insurance coverage will continue to be valid if your visa has changed? 

If you are, or were, on a Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) visa and changing, or have changed, to an Interim Work visa or Essential Skills Work visa, you are no longer eligible for our Working Holiday Insurance policy. The Working Holiday Insurance policy remains to be exclusively for WHS visa holders. This means you will need to purchase or upgrade to, our Experience NZ Insurance policy. If you got renewed for a further Working Holiday Scheme visa, you are welcome to switch to our Experience NZ policy nevertheless.

If you look through our brochures and policy wordings, you are sure to find that both the Working Holiday and Experience NZ policies have a lot in common in terms of coverage. But, allow us to provide you with an overview of the main differences that are worth considering if you want a more comprehensive plan:

Cover Benefits: all dollar amounts are in NZ$



Medical Expenses

cover limit is $250,000

cover is $ value unlimited

Home nursing care whilst disabled


up to $50,000

Emergency dental treatment


up to $250 for Lite, $750 for Prime

Cash allowance whilst in hospital


available after 24 hours of stay for Prime, none for Lite

Property (luggage and personal effects)+

up to $5,000 for an additional premium

up to $10,000 for Prime

Emergency clothing and toiletries for delayed luggage


up to $200, none for Lite

Unexpected early return home


up to $10,000

Missed transport connection


up to $10,000

Legal costs for false arrest/detention


up to $10,000

Personal liability cover

up to $100,000

up to $2,500,000

Private search and rescue


up to $10,000, none for Lite

Excess to pay for loss/damage to rental vehicle


up to $2,000

Loss of revenue, towage, and/or salvage to pay for loss/damage to rental vehicle


up to $5,000

Manual work cover if employed in farming, building trades, etc


available at an additional premium

         + Specified Items Cover is available for an additional premium

It is also worth pointing out that the excess is different between the two. The excess for claims is $75 under Experience Insurance and $100 under Working Holiday. The excess is reduced to $50 for Working Holiday if the claim is for an accidental injury. If the claimant on the Experience NZ plan is undertaking a study, the excess is waived. To find out what excess is, please read our other blog entry:

When you’re ready, click on Get Quote/Buy Policy. Even if you are already in New Zealand and you are only now thinking of getting travel insurance, you can apply for our Experience NZ policy, whatever visa you hold. The only exceptions are:

  • if you are on a resident visa, we are unable to offer you any of our policies.
  • If you are on an RSE (Recognised Seasonal Employer) Limited visa, we can only offer you our Seasonal Worker Insurance.

If you have any questions, feel free to email, call or leave us a message:

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