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Posted by OrbitProtect Team el 3 June 2020

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Have plenty of time left on your insurance!

It’s best to have plenty of time left on your insurance. Having an injury or illness towards the end of your policy period could result in claim complications, especially if the matter is ongoing. More so in these unusual times when deciding to return home is much more difficult. In saying this, New Zealand does look to be a comparatively safe place and you may have already decided to stay longer.

A health change may prevent us from providing you with additional insurance. When a policy expires cover ends on most existing insured medical matters and any new ones. There are some situations (hospital level matters) in which time extensions apply and cover continues. The extent of cover depends on individual circumstances and the relevant policy wording. This helps with major situations, but it doesn’t help with other ongoing health matters after your insurance ends. Please don’t wait to purchase additional insurance because your health change may prevent us from providing additional insurance, when you need it.               

If you are concerned with your current policy period, please purchase an additional policy now. The start date must be the day after your current policy ends, to maintain cover continuity.   

To find the insurance that fits your needs best, click here to take a quiz to find a policy most suited for you: https://quiz.orbitprotect.com/

You can purchase a policy online through our website. Below are some links to guide you through the quote and purchase process:

The Experience NZ(Lite or Prime) plans:


The Working Holiday Plan:


For International Student Prime or Lite Plan:


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