Limited Cover for Dental Treatment

Posted by OrbitProtect Team 일 29 June 2021

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Dental Cover

"Do you also cover dental?" This is probably something you did not bother asking us when you bought an insurance policy through OrbitProtect. Allow us to bring you up to speed.

Our Experience NZ and International Student insurance policies provide emergency dental cover up to a maximum of $500. The cover is limited to costs you incur at the dental clinic to relieve you from sudden and acute pain to your natural teeth through antibiotics, extraction or temporary dressings. This can likewise be the costs necessary to treat an injury to your teeth if ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) has agreed to cover your injury. Should this be the case, the limit increases to $1,500. See our other blog entry for more details about accidental injuries -  Treatments outside of these, such as fillings and root canals, are not covered.

We also do not cover the extraction of wisdom or baby teeth as removal or ‘shedding’ is a typical requirement or occurrence as one gets older. Insurance only works when cover is provided for unexpected matters. Having teeth scaled, polished, and filled to prevent tooth decay are not considered ‘unexpected.’ Regular dental check-ups are not something we covered either

Our low-cost Working Holiday Insurance policy does not cover dental treatments, but Working Holiday Scheme visa holders are welcome to apply or switch to the Experience NZ policy to take advantage of the dental cover and other policy benefits.

As with any medical matter, if you need to make a claim for your dental costs, you may do so online through our website:
Tips on making a claim:

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