What you need to know before getting your NZ Working Holiday Visa

Posted 일 18 July 2014

Enjoy picture perfect scenery on your Working Holiday in NZ

New Zealand is a great place to visit – there’s stunning scenery to enjoy, friendly people to meet, and some wonderful job opportunities.

 If you do intend work, play whilst earning some money  in New Zealand  applying for working holiday visa is possibly the best option for you . The working holiday visa usually is valid for 12 months and it allows you to work for the duration in New Zealand.

New Zealand has different eligibility criteria depending on which country you come from. These can be viewed on New Zealand Immigration’s website, in their Working Holiday section.

In addition to a working holiday visa you’ll need to be able to prove you have sufficient funds to support yourself if you can’t find employment. In most instances this means being able to show you have access to approximately NZ$4200 either in cash, travellers’ cheques, or in your bank account.

One of the criteria of the working holiday visa application is  the compulsory  medical insurance requirements when entering New Zealand. New Zealand has a great health system, but it can prove incredibly expensive for non-residents..

OrbitProtect’s Working Holiday Insurance has been designed specifically for visitors entering New Zealand on a working holiday visa. It includes medical care, medical evacuation and loss of deposits (with baggage cover option), and encompasses most common industries and jobs including retail, accommodation, hospitality and horticulture (including vineyards and orchards).

If you’d like further information about any of our plans, including our Working Holiday cover, you can contact our friendly team on our toll free number 0800478 833 (within NZ) or on +64 3 343 8151. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at service@orbitprotect.com 

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