Working Holiday Insurance

Property Cover

Our Working Holiday plan does not provide an automatic property cover. However, there are two options where you may be able to insure your belongings.

Options 1 -  Specifying Your High-Value Items

You can specify the items you want to insure up to a maximum of NZ$10,000 per item and a total maximum value of $30,000. We will charge an additional premium at the rate of 2% of the total value of the items specified. For instance, if you specify a mobile phone valued at NZ$1000, the additional premium charged is NZ$20 (NZ$1,000 x 2%).

If you want insurance coverage on specified property items, please contact us on or telephone us at 0800 478 833. The items you specify will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance.

Option 2 - General Baggage Cover

Alternatively, there is an option to include general cover on baggage and personal effects if you do not wish to specify individual high-value items. The general cover on baggage and personal effects option provides a cover limit of NZ$1,000 per item, pairs or sets of items to a total of NZ$5,000. The additional premium charged under this option is 15% of the premium covering your Working Holiday Insurance period.