Working Holiday Insurance


At OrbitProtect, we constantly endeavour to provide lower Working Holiday Insurance premiums than our competitors but at the same time deliver increased service and protection.

Below is our premiums table, valid as of 1 December 2020, and is subject to change. Your individual Working Holiday Insurance premium amount will be advised upon acceptance of cover.

Period of CoverNZ$Period of CoverNZ$
8 days $47 6 months $204
15 days $54 7 months $227
1 month $72 8 months $251
2 months $103 9 months $274
3 months $132 10 months $295
4 months $162 11 months $319
5 months $190 12 months $342

All prices are inclusive of GST and government levies where applicable


  • General baggage and personal effects cover premium
    If you wish to insure your baggage and personal effects up to a value of NZ$1,000 per item, pairs or sets of items to a maximum total amount of NZ$5,000, you will need to pay an additional premium of 15% of your period of insurance.
  • Specifying high-value items
    If you wish to specify items to be insured, you need to pay an additional premium of 2% of the total value of the items specified. Example: A NZ$5,000 item x 2% = NZ$100 premium. (The maximum amount per item you can specify is NZ$10,000).