Fair Insurance Code

OrbitProtect and ICNZ

Did you know that our underwriter, and the product issuer, Zurich Australia Insurance Limited trading as Zurich New Zealand is a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand. As such, OrbitProtect adheres to the Fair Insurance Code. This assures our customers that we’re committed to providing a high standard of service.

What is the Insurance Council of New Zealand?

The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) actively promotes self-regulation within the insurance sector.

Together, its members have developed the Fair Insurance Code, which sets out industry best-practice standards for insurers in all their dealings with customers. This code of conduct is in addition to those obligations imposed by the law.

The Fair Insurance Code:

  • Applies to all ICNZ members companies
  • Applies to general insurance products, not health or life insurance products
  • Describes what level of service you can expect from your first contact with your insurer
  • Describes the responsibilities that you and your insurer have to each other
  • Provides information on claims and complaints procedures
  • Details how the Code is administered
  • Where you can turn to for more help should you need it

If you make a complaint to us, we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt within five business days of receiving your complaint.
  • Give you the name and contact details of the person handling your complaint.
  • Ensure that someone experienced who has not been handling your case thoroughly investigates your complaint.
  • Respond to your complaint within ten business days of the date we have all the information we need to determine your complaint. Where further information, assessment or investigation is required, we will agree on reasonable timeframes with you. If we cannot agree on reasonable timeframes, you can contact our independent external dispute resolution scheme about those timeframes.
  • Update you at least once every 20 business days, or another such interval as we may agree with you until your complaint is resolved.

If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction through our internal dispute resolution process within two months, we will explain our reasons in writing and provide you with a ‘deadlock’ letter. You can take your complaint to our independent, external dispute resolution scheme.

For more information on ICNZ, visit  https://www.icnz.org.nz/.

To download the Fair Insurance Code, please visit https://www.icnz.org.nz/fair-insurance-code/download-the-code

What does the Fair Insurance Code logo mean?

The Fair Insurance Code logo is a sign of assurance that our travel insurance company has high service standards and will act honestly, fairly, transparently and with utmost good faith towards you.

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